Onboarding totally depends on the paperwork. The sooner you submit the required documents, the quicker we will be able to bring you onboard.
Zurides reserves the right to make any necessary changes in the terms and conditions of the agreement without any prior notice. In the case of any alterations to the agreement, the user will be notified through on the Zurides website.
Yes, you will have to pay in certain road side repair cases. In such you will be required to make an upfront payment for availing the services. Roadside Repair is an event where the vehicle gets immobilized due to a rundown battery, punctured tyre.we pay for xtra charges.
No, we provide you with adequate legal documents to drive a self-drive registered car.
As the current laws register self-drive cars under a commercial license, the commercial state taxes to enter a state are applicable.
While many of our cars are new, in case the car breaks down, you can call our 24*7 help desk +91 8179 269 413 & we will guide you through the entire process. Do not leave the scene of the breakdown until proper support has arrived.
You need to show a valid driving license and an ID proof (Passport/ Aadhar card) during car handover process. The documents are to be shown in original. In case driving license/ Passport/ Aadhaar fail the necessary validations, Myles reserves the right to refuse car handover at any point of time.
For a seamless experience, we suggest you upload your documents after booking confirmation itself so that they can be verified. The documents will also be physically verified at the time of pick-up. You need to upload the front and back of each document. In case you don’t have an Aadhar card.
Yes, but the person whose name has been mentioned in the reservation form needs to come along with the required documents to pick up the car.
Yes, there is a short agreement one needs to sign while picking up the car.
The minimum age to hire a Zurides self-drive car is 21 years. Apart from that the customer must also possess Original and valid driving license and ID proof (Passport/Aadhar card). Customer’s booking name should match with his/ her name in the Driving License.
The more your car is driven, the more money it makes. Zurides will find customers for your car and manage all the operations. It’s completely hassle-free for you. But you would need to bear the EMI, periodic car servicing and other minor costs. Overall, you can earn 20%-25% returns annually.
Angels are free to add any car ranging from a Hatchback to an SUV on our platform. However, to safeguard your interests we will be restricting investment only on a few car models under each category. This will be done on the basis of due analysis by our analytics team.
Minimum guarantee means that the company guarantees a minimum return of 3%.
To become a Zurides Business Partner, a fleet owner needs, a minimum of five cars, while an individual can start even with one car. Please note that the cars must be registered as self-drive vehicles to successfully complete the onboarding process.
Yes, but the person whose name has been mentioned in the reservation form needs to come along with the required documents to pick up the car.